In 1982, Mr. Chiun Mau Tong, a Taiwanese immigrant to the San Francisco area, founded a food distribution company in his garage. His dream of success was much bigger than his $200 in working capital.

The company soon outgrew Mr. Tong’s garage and moved to a public rental storage facility and then to their first office/warehouse facility in 1986. With the Asian population booming, demand for Asian food increased, which was the catalyst for a move to a second facility in 1988.

His son George Tong earned his MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University and joined the firm in 1991. The company moved to its current headquarters in Hayward in 1992. Shortly thereafter, Gemini Food Corporation opened a Los Angeles facility in 1996 to service customers in Southern California and other states.

Through hard work and determination, Mr. Tong’s dream has paid off. Today, Gemini Food Corporation and Tong Enterprises distribute over 1,200 unique Asian food items to retailers along the entire West Coast and 30 other states. In fact, the company’s retail and warehouse distribution channel reaches 99% of the Asian food retailers in the U.S.