Yuan Xiang Ren Steamed Bun

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One of the largest manufacturers of steamed buns in Taiwan, Da Yu Cheng has its origins in the local Taiwanese market. Through continuous hard work and an approachable, down-to-earth team, Da Yu Cheng has become a leader in producing and distributing steamed buns to all major retailers across Taiwan. With a focus on continuous new product development and insistence on quality, Da Yu Cheng is proud to provide healthy, tasty food to our customers.

In May 2006, Da Yu Cheng expanded its production line and passed the international ISO 9001, HACCP and ISO 22000 quality certification programs. These certifications ensure a safe and clean food production environment, and serve to build trust between our customers and our product. Because of our investments in food safety and new product development, as well as positive consumer feedback, Da Yu Cheng rose to become an industry leader, with production volumes tripling in recent years. Our products can currently be found in major retail outlets in Taiwan, and are exported globally to Japan, USA, Canada and Australia.

Additionally, Da Yu Cheng remains committed to our local communities, hiring mentally challenged personnel and providing special work training and education programs. Because of these efforts, Da Yu Cheng has been named a “factory with love” model factory in Taiwan since 1994.

Along with its popular Yuan Xiang Ren Steamed Bun, Da Yu Cheng continues to expand its offering and distribute products around the globe.

Image of Shan-Dong Steamed Bun

Shan-Dong Steamed Bun

Image of Whole Wheat Steamed Bun

Whole Wheat Steamed Bun

Image of Wheat Bran and Malt Steamed Bun

Wheat Bran and Malt Steamed Bun

Image of Multi-Grain and Nuts Steamed Bun

Multi-Grain and Nuts Steamed Bun

Image of Wheat Bran and Red Bean Steam Bun

Wheat Bran and Red Bean Steam Bun

Image of Taro Steamed Bun

Taro Steamed Bun