House Brands

Imperial Taste and Global Elephant Products


Our goal is to bring the finest Asian foods – and hard-to-find ingredients from thousands of miles away – directly to your kitchen. With dedicated sourcing teams located across Asia, Gemini Food Corporation selects only the most premium products for our house brands. In compliance with our U.S.-based quality control system, we guarantee our entire house brand product line to be of the best quality and value.

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Signature Imperial Taste Products

  • Dried Bean Curd and Fried Tofu from Taiwan
  • Preserved Duck Eggs and Boiled Salted Eggs from South China
  • Hsin Chiu Rice Stick from Taiwan
  • Guan Miau Noodle from Taiwan
  • Cooking Wine from Taiwan
  • Assorted Frozen Fish Ball from Taiwan
  • Mushroom Seasoning
  • Pineapples Chunks from Thailand
  • Sardines in Tomato Sauce from Thailand
  • Imperial Taste Dried Bean Curd Stick and Dried Bean Curd Sheet from China
  • Imperial Taste Sesame Powder from Taiwan

Signature Global Elephant Products

  • Rice Paper from Vietnam
  • Jasmine Rice from Thailand
  • Vermicelli from Vietnam

Product Features

  • Made with the finest local ingredients for authentic taste
  • Convenient storage in your kitchen cupboard or refrigerator
  • Ready to prep and cook anytime
  • Perfect for family gatherings

Where to Buy

Imperial Taste and Global Elephant products can be found in many Asian supermarkets across the country. Note that not all stores may be carrying full product assortments.