Ming Chi Crackers and Wafers

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Ming Chi Food Co., Ltd. is committed to baking and selling the best cookies possible, and bringing the taste of Tien Wei to its customers.

After Taiwan’s restoration, Mr. Chung Ming Yeh, the originator of Ming Chi, learned Chinese baking techniques and founded Sen Fa Bakery in 1958. After 10 years in business, the bakery expanded beyond Taiwan into Europe, North America, Japan, Southeast Asia, and China. After years of success at home and overseas, Ming Chi Food Co., Ltd. was established in 1991 to keep up with demand and expand its offerings.

“Natural ingredients with skillful technique” is the company’s guiding principle and is always Mr. Yeh’s insistence. Using only the best quality ingredients, Ming Chi is certified according to the latest ISO 9001:2000 standard and has been recognized by the 2012 Taiwan Lantern Festival. The company continually learns new techniques and improves its facilities to offer healthy, delicious products to its consumers.

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Image of Taiwan Taro Cake

Taiwan Taro Cake

Image of Taiwan Banana Cake

Taiwan Banana Cake

Image of Taiwan Kumquat Cake

Taiwan Kumquat Cake

Image of Taiwan Pineapple Cake

Taiwan Pineapple Cake

Image of Taiwan Blueberry Cake

Taiwan Blueberry Cake

Image of Blueberry and Sesame Wafers

Blueberry/Sesame Wafers

Image of Strawberry Wafer

Strawberry Wafer

Image of Lemon Wafer

Lemon Wafer

Image of Sesame Almond Cracker

Sesame Almond Cracker

Image of Cranberry Linseed Cracker

Cranberry Linseed Cracker

Image of Cracker Assortment

Cracker Assortment (Sesame Almond, Shallot Vegetable, Whole Wheat)

Image of Milk Nougat Candy with Peanuts

Milk Nougat Candy with Peanuts