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Mikely opened its first restaurant in Tainan in 1998. With their signature fresh soy milk and creative takes on the traditional Taiwanese pancake, Mikely’s restaurant became a very popular neighborhood destination. It was also the first of its kind to specialize in providing a healthy breakfast to its community.

In 2002, Mikely invested in a manufacturing facility and became the first in the industry to automate the pancake production process. Within two years, Mikely had expanded its production to begin exporting its popular products to the US.

By 2006, with annual production volume consistently increasing year over year, Mikely opened their 2nd factory. With its expanded production capabilities in place, Mikely began exporting its full line of products to Canada. With the completion new facilities in 2010, Mikely was able to obtain both the ISO22000 and HACCP certifications. Mikely also successfully passed the organic certification process, keeping pace with the trend of organic foods and healthier eating – and subsequently launched a new product line serving the health-conscious customer.

With over 15 years of success in the fast-changing food industry, Mikely remains positioned to invest in new production technologies to bring the company – and its products – to the next level.

Image of Handmade Cereals Pancake

Handmade Cereals Pancake

Image of Supreme Condensed Soya Milk

Condensed Soya Milk

Image of Handmade Red Bean Pancake

Red Bean Pancake

Image of Vegetarian Taro Pie

Vegetarian Taro Pie

Image of Handmade Green Onion Pancake

Green Onion Pancake

Image of Spring Onion Thin Pie

Spring Onion Thin Pie

Image of Vegetarian Leeks Pie

Vegetarian Leeks Pie

Image of Handmade Vegetarian Stuffed Pie

Vegetarian Stuffed Pie