Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why isn’t there an expiration date on this product?

A: Currently, the FDA does not require food firms to place “expired by,” “use by,” or “best before” dates on food products. This information is entirely at the discretion of the manufacturer. You can view more information regarding food product expiration dates on the USDA website.


Q: What is the expected shelf life of your products?

A: This varies by product. The expected shelf life of a product can be found in the product code or lot number printed on the package. You can view more information regarding shelf life on the USDA website.


Q: What are the proper storage methods of your products?

A: Our products will indicate proper storage methods on their packaging. Refrigerators are one of the most important defenses against foodborne illness. Refrigerating food properly helps protect it from harmful bacteria. You can view more information regarding storage methods on the USDA website.


Q: Are your products properly labelled in regards to allergens?

A: Gemini Foods works with its suppliers to follow FDA regulations on allergens.


Q: Where can I find your products locally?

A: Our products can be found at Costco, Food 4 Less, Kroger, Ralphs, and fine local Asian grocers across the United States.


Q: Can I purchase products directly from your company?

A: At this time we do not sell directly to consumers. Gemini Food Corporation distributes food products directly to supermarkets and grocers.